A MovieRevue

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, blessings to everyone, Now let’s talk about important stuff…like movies!

And, you know what? I believe it has been worth it every time. 

Please let me explain.

One time, many years ago, I was lucky enough to be present at a taping of “Crossfire” with Chris Matthews when the guests were Matt Damon and Robert Deniro, who were doing the obligatory press flog for a movie called “The Recruit” (thank you forever, Jackie Martin). I came home to my beloved spousal unit, Ray, who asked me,”How was it?”

My reply was, is, and forever shall be: “Robert Deniro is short; Matt Damon is smart; Chris Matthews is not.”

So maybe I was a little bit impressed; maybe I have paid a little attention, but probably mostly I was interested in what people were talking about. So when Ray announced this afternoon that “The Martian” was available for download I was all over it.

And I was not disappointed.

It was a well done movie; a smart movie (I have already gone through the NASA links to get a tiny bit of a grip on the real science); and, best of all, it was a movie that gave me a breath of hope in an increasingly dystopian world.

Please let me explain again.

The news that I, at least, am recently seeing from the United States is rapidly reaching the level of horrifying. 

How can this current farce of a presidential campaign be taken as nothing other than a massive comedy of errors? 

Who cares what brought about the present situation in the Middle East; what are we going to do about it?

Why is the average working person in the U.S. working longer hours for less real income than I had 10 years ago?

I live in Ecuador, where we are well aware that we have sold our souls to China. You think maybe the U.S. Has not?

Maybe I’m just stupid; maybe I have been massively misinformed, but considering what seems to be the “news”, it was a wonderful relief to spend a couple of hours this afternoon being reminded of how good, and smart, and cooperative people might be able to be when they are allowed to do their best.

Yeah, I know it’s just a movie.

But it gave me hope.



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